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Governing Democratic Voting System G.D.V.S.

G.D.V.S. is an extension of the universal democratic governing system that everyone has been waiting for on Earth. Skyview Design is developing this technology enhanced online platform to extend a clear and transparent democratic voting and communication system for all people. As all is meant to be, every person has their right to one equal vote.

it is the most efficient, proactive and incorruptible governing system possible. It can properly address and solve all problems while enabling all optimum paths to organize, communicate and accomplish all tasks enabling further enjoyment. it provides clear and transparent record of all votes, all communication and all monetary transactions with confirmed and ratified identification of all parties. All records are hosted on all participating platforms with secure transparency providing a perfect historical record for all.

To contribute and benefit from the development of G.D.V.S. please join, donate and share.

Gold Coin™ - Stable, Transparent & Harm-free

Gold coin is currency perfected. it is secure, stable, appreciating and all transactions are permanently listed publicly for total transparency. Every possible exchange is pre-approved by G.D.V.S. and its voting community as harm-free and optimal with added security of ratified and public identification peer to peer. Gold coin's stability is finite and in positive motion recognizing G.D.V.S. and its core principles of optimality and purpose-based economics. Each wallet is secure cryptographically and the source production is unlimited so long as the exchange is harm-free.


"With G.D.V.S. & Gold Coin, if the people want it and its harm-free they can and should have it."

 - Josiah, creator at Skyview Design.

To contribute and benefit from the development of Gold coin please join, donate and share.

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